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Independent Women

Did you know that half of the U.S. workforce is women? In fact, roughly a third of American households count women as the primary breadwinner. The trends are promising, as nearly 60% of young adults who hold advanced degrees are women.

Consider the unique financial challenges women face during their lifetime, whether single, married, partnered, divorced, widowed or retired. They typically live longer, but earn less than men. Their careers are sometimes interrupted by having and raising children, which can mean fewer Social Security benefits down the road. These challenges require women to save and invest wisely to achieve financial independence.


Divorce can have many financial ramifications. During your marriage, you have accumulated assets as well as liabilities. We can support you in this situation by helping you evaluate and review assets and will collaborate with your other professional advisors such as your attorney or accountant. We can then help build and manage overall investment and retirement income strategies. Over the years, we’ve compiled a Transition Journal for Divorcees. Please click here to contact us and learn how to obtain your Transition Journal for Divorcees.


The death of a spouse also has major financial implications – and they come precisely at a time of great emotional stress. In addition to the sudden shock and grief, there are often medical bills and funeral expenses to pay and a new reality of potentially adjusted household income. There are also many decisions to be made regarding issues such as life insurance proceeds, Social Security and the retitling of financial accounts. We help widows during this difficult transition. Over the years, we’ve compiled our Transition Journal for Widows. Please click here to contact us and learn how to obtain your Transition Journal for Widows.