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Why I’m A Passionate Financial Planner

Why I’m A Passionate Financial Planner

| April 30, 2020

What Started it All

In my first career, I was a minister. Eventually I became the co-senior pastor of a wonderful congregation just up the road from my office. It was a great experience that equipped me to have the heart of a teacher. However, I realized that ministry was something that I didn't want to collect a paycheck from, it was more of a passion than a job.

So in 2005, I became a financial advisor with a firm called AG Edwards. It was a great firm and a great learning experience. Little did I know, one of the greatest recessions in history would occur in 2008. And when it did, I found that the Wall Street institutions were ill prepared to help the Main Street retiree. So in 2010, I began my own firm, Privada Wealth Management, and I haven't looked back.

Branching Out

Privada Wealth Management was created to counteract the mistakes too many financial service firms make. I just wanted a firm that would help clients without call centers, proprietary products or the legacy liabilities of large Wall Street firms.

Early in my career, my paradigm was shaped by what happened in 2008. I had a road to Damascus experience and the scales fell off my eyes.

As an industry, we were not well-prepared for the credit crisis on many levels. We did not have appropriate risk management in place for the needs of many clients. This went beyond the pure numbers and draw downs. We were not well-equipped to handle the emotional hardship many clients faced when everyone thought the financial world was crashing down around them. So, educating clients about risk management has become one of my most important priorities.

Why I'm So Passionate Today

People are forgetful. People forget to put money away. People forget to plan for a rainy day. People forget bear markets when they are in a bull market. People forget to prepare, to plan.

I'm passionate about reminding them.

I remind people. I remind them of what deep down they already know.

People are trusting. People trust the government. People trust the banks. People trust large institutions. People trust their accountants and lawyers.

I'm passionate about making sure that trust is well founded. I help people trust but verify. In so doing, I hope to help my clients avoid big mistakes with their money.

Why I'm Passionate about Tomorrow

Today we're building a firm that can help clients financially prepare for whatever the future has in store. Im excited to build a firm that educates clients and gives them clarity and peace of mind. I get up in the morning and can't wait to get to the office. Because what we are creating today, by planning for our clients tomorrow is why I became a financial planner. How can I help you?  Click here to schedule a time for us to talk.