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I Need Your Advice

I Need Your Advice

| December 28, 2022

People pay me for advice. Well now I’d like to turn the tables on you and ask for your advice. And I won’t be paying you. If that sounds like a great deal, keep reading.

I sold my desk. I bought her back in 2012 for $2500. She served me well at a time when people had paper statements and file cabinets were a thing. I really don’t need all that thicc desk area in a digital, paperless world. In fact, most of the drawers were filled with sticky notes and pens I’d stolen from trade show exhibitors.

Furthermore, the old idea of financial advice was to have a firm with marble floors and leather brocaded chairs in the heart of the downtown financial district. I would sit in my three-piece suite and monocle behind a dark, gnarled-wood desk that harkened back to a simpler time when wasps ruled Wall Street. What I found was that nobody is impressed by the appeal to authority that worked in the gilded age. So my desk was too big and clunky and felt like it separated me from the people I was dialoguing with. Here's a picture of her in her all her glory. Excuse the mess, I’m redecorating.

So now, I’m going for a different feel. I have a desk but I’m toying with an idea and that’s where I need your advice. Neither of these has a screen for presenting data. But if we could solve that problem, which office would you prefer meeting to discuss your hopes and dreams.



Source: Random Restoration Hardware website picture.


My guess is the latter. The actual charts and graphs that the advisor uses isn’t as important as the concerns and concepts that require comfortable conversation. So I’m thinking of changing things. My question to you is would you be comfortable meeting on couches or chairs like your living room or a therapists office?

Would you rather have a table to place your water and notes on?

Also, I’d like to know if you prefer in person meetings, Zoom or phone calls.

Feel free to call or email me regarding these and other hard-hitting questions.