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Cutting In the Middle Man

Cutting In the Middle Man

| June 15, 2021

Remember when you had to go the store to buy a computer. Ah, yes, the good old days. You'd get in your car and sweat as the air conditioner started to finally cool things down. Then you'd fight for a parking space as you dodged meandering pedestrians. Finally, you'd walk the aisles looking at a bunch of floor models with teeny tiny cards listing their performance specifications. Typically, the two computers you wanted were at separate ends of the aisle. A salesperson may or may not have time for you. If they were commissioned-based, they'd walk you over to the Megatron 3000 with 42 terra gigs of artificial intelligence or something. If they were hourly salespeople, they'd roll their eyes at your infantile questions while checking their social media on their smartphone.

The harsh reality is that we barely need stores anymore. Obviously, perishables like groceries will need a middle man to distribute and sell. But if I need a new computer, a chaise lounge or some printer paper, there just a few clicks away. It's a fantastic time to be alive. There is one problem though. Which computer, chaise lounge and printer paper is the best for you? No worries, you can find out by reading the reviews.

In the review section, you'll find a myriad of insights ranging from terse to voluminous. And actually, that's the other problem. One person from Fargo, gave the product 5 stars and rave reviews about how the product whitened their teeth and saved them from a house fire. Conversely, another person from Palatka gives the product one star, only due to the fact that zero stars wasn't an option. The problem is you don't know Mr. Fargo or Ms. Palatka and they don't know you.

If you could speak with either one of them they could get a sense of who you are. They could ask you questions about your hopes and dreams. They would figure out how you would use the computer and what price range made sense for you. And you would ask them questions as well. You could find out what are their computer-rating qualifications. Are they true certified nerds or just opinionated consumers? Each computer has strengths and weaknesses, features and benefits. Each computer manufacturer has a reputation for quality and customer service. Mr. Fargo and Ms. Palatka need to go over those aspects with you.

The key is that Mr. Fargo and Ms. Palatka need to know you and want to help you. And you need to know, like and trust Mr. Fargo and Ms. Palatka to be able to follow their insight.

Online-shopping is so effective because it saves us money by cutting out the middle man. However, there's one thing that the middle man can do for you: give you advice. With all of our technological progress and efficiency, advice is what makes our capital expenditures effective.

By now, I hope you see the analogy. Buying a computer pales in comparison to creating and implementing an on-going financial roadmap for the rest of your life. In a time of online, no-cost investing efficiency, advice is what makes our capital investments effective.  Click here to find out the value of quality advice.