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Coronavirus: Glimmers of Hope

Coronavirus: Glimmers of Hope

| March 26, 2020

In the midst of this Coronavirus emergency, I wanted to quickly send a message out of hope that we will get through this as individuals, communities and a nation. Naturally, nothing here should be taken as medical or legal advice. So do what your doctor and local authorities tell you to do.

Remember, scientists, epidemiologists, doctors, politicians and policy makers would rather be safe than sorry. So they are going to prepare for the worse and hope for the best. We've also seen that cynical politicians are using the crisis to bailout their donor base. Why waste a perfectly good crisis, after all? But as the fog of war clears and self-distancing is the new normal, reports are coming out that seem to be better or at least, less worse. Below are some of the most promising news stories and reports that show the end of the world may have to be postponed:  

  1. The UK no longer considers Covid19 a "Highly Consequential Infectious Disease" as of March 19.
  2. The UK scientist who predicted 500,000 deaths has drastically reduced it to 10,000.
  3. There is a possible cure and prophylaxis in a common malarial drug, hydroxychloriquine.
  4. Smart people say we are going to be fine.

That's the good news. The economic and financial market diagnosis and "cures", we will save for future blogs. If you have any questions about your financial plan, please click here to contact us. 

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