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A Deer in the Headlines

A Deer in the Headlines

| July 07, 2021

You’ve heard the phrase "a deer in the headlights." It's when a deer is mesmerized and confused by the headlines lights of your oncoming car. There he stands as you hurtle towards him at over 60 miles per hour in your two-ton F150.

But have you heard of "a deer in the headlines."

Well, it's a similar phrase, though far less popular. In fact, I just coined the phrase 5 minutes ago. If you use it, please reference me as it's progenitor. I'm thinking of having it trademarked. Regardless, "a deer in the headlines" is when an investor is mesmerized and confused by the headlines of oncoming economic turmoil. There he stands as inflation and rising interest rates hurtle towards him at over 365 days a year.

Michael Burry, Jeremy Grantham, and other experts are predicting an epic market crash.

Jeffrey Gundlach, Leon Cooperman, and Stanley Druckenmiller expect a downturn too.

You can read some of their gravest warnings so far from eight top investors and commentators:  click here.

But it doesn't have to be this way. You can formulate a plan now. First, a spending plan that accounts for the price of corn going up 44%. Hopefully, you don't eat a lot of corn. Second, an investment plan that is rules-based. Out beyond beyond the notions of buy-and-hope and asset allocation, there is a field. Meet me there. Consider stability planning to help combine steps one and two. Investigate technical indicators and risk-pooling with contracts.

In the meantime, consume the bad news with a grain of salt and spoonful of sugar.

You can be ready for whatever is next. If you are unsure, let's talk, click here.